Prices and
Site Rules

Prices and Site Rules

2021 Price – £20 per person for 1 hour session (including safety briefing)

FREE use of lifejacket (compulsory) and wetsuit (optional)

All sessions must be pre-booked online.

You will need time to get into a wetsuit and check in before your session starts, but please arrive on site a maximum of 30 minutes before your session, NO EARLIER.

Every member of your family must be signed up fully before arrival, you will NOT have access to iPads on site so if not signed up you will have to use your own smart phone on site to complete the process which could reduce your time on the aqua park. You can add family members to your account or Sign Up as an individual on our booking system

Please note if you encounter any problems with the booking system please email or phone for assistance on 01353 886955

To ensure your SAFETY in the Aqua Park, PLEASE respect the following rules:

    • Do not come to site if you or any of your household are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 i.e. a high temperature and/or a new continuous cough.
    • Whilst on site you must observe social distancing rules, keeping a minimum of 2 metres from anyone not in your household during the check in, safety briefing, accessing and exiting the aqua park and whilst using the aqua park, there is plenty of space, please use it.
    • Users must be able to swim 25m.
    • Only access the park after registration and attending a safety briefing.
    • You must ensure everyone in your group is fully signed up before arrival as we will not have facilities for you to do it on site (you may use your smart phone on site but you may miss some of your session).
    • No access to people smaller than 110cm / 3’6”.
    • No access to children under the age of 6, please note 6 & 7 year olds are recommended to attend a ‘Junior’ session at 10am.
    • No adult-only groups allowed in the 10am ‘Junior’ sessions, designed for 6-16 year olds with accompanying adults.
    • Children aged 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult on the aqua park at all times with a ratio of 1 adult to 3 children aged 8-12 and 1 adult to 2 children aged 6 or 7.
    • Children aged 13 and above may go on the aqua park without an accompanying adult, but a responsible adult must remain on site throughout the visit if under 16.
    • Use of lifejackets is mandatory.
    • Only use in the presence of a lifeguard.
    • Only use during the official hours.
    • Do not use in darkness or when there is lightning.
    • Use the products responsibly to ensure you don’t injure yourself or others.
    • Lifeguards may expel people who have endangered their own safety or that of other users of the aqua park.
    • For safety reasons do not use the aqua park while pregnant.
    • No access to the park having consumed alcohol or drugs.
    • No smoking on the aqua park.
    • No food or drink on the aqua park.
    • No cameras or phones on the aqua park
    • Remove all jewellery, glasses, keys and any sharp or hard objects before using the aqua park
    • No thong bikini bottoms allowed without a second layer for protection
    • Sunscreen is recommended
  • Hannam Leisure Ltd is not responsible for any personal items

Hannam Leisure Ltd operating as Cambridge Aqua Park and it’s employees cannot be held responsible for any accidents that occur due to improper use of the aqua park or by not following the safety rules above and outlined in the safety briefing.

Cancellation Policy:  You may cancel your session with a full refund (subject to any costs reasonably incurred by us to fulfil your booking) if you notify us at least 48 hours before your session start time.  If you cancel your session with less than 48 hours notice you will NOT be entitled to any refund.

We will endeavour to ensure that as many inflatables are available for use, however, we reserve the right to remove any inflatable without prior notice if we deem it is necessary, no refund will be due under these circumstances.

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